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Immigration, visas and work permits, residence permits in Europe

We advise Chinese companies wishing to establish themselves in Europe.

We guide the Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs who develop their companies in Europe to facilitate their immigration as well as the schooling of their children in Europe.

Chinese investments in Europe relate to projects promoted by the Chinese government such as the “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Ambition 2025”.

“Belt and Road Initiative” is more about infrastructure projects.

"Ambition 2025" aims to refocus investments on technology, advanced industry, and services, focusing on certain priority sectors such as information technology, robotics, biomedicine, agriculture, agri-food and cleantech.


Education and immigration in Europe

We focus on the following European countries: France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Greece, and Cyprus.


In Greece, Chinese investors and their families can get a residence card for the whole family

Minimum amount to invest in Greece:
€250,000 (1 700 000 CNY)

Property transfer fee, lawyer fee, notary fee, land registry, registry documents, immigration fee, resident card fee,
insurance fee:
about €40,000 (272,000 CNY)

Total Property + Costs:
€290,000 (1 972 000 CNY).

1 € = 6.80616 CNY / 1 CNY = 0.146926

The costs and taxes vary from “around” 15,7%
(€250,000 investment) to 11% (€500,000 investment).

  • In all the cities of the world, prices per square meter for real estate are different
    according to the districts.

  • Do not buy without knowing the prices per square meter in the same
    neighborhood where you plan to invest.

  • The prices per square meter of a new apartment or an old apartment or a renovated old apartment are obviously different.

  • Avoid some immigration agencies that receive extremely high commission from
    some real estate developers. This commission is necessarily added in the price
    you pay. The commission must be reasonable.

  • Do not rush, surround yourself with reliable advisers.

  • The cost of a private international primary school (per child per year) in Athens vary from €5000 to €9000 (from 34,000 CNY to 60,000 CNY)

  • In Greece, the surface in square meter is the sum of the living space of the dwelling + 50% of the annexes directly allocated to this dwelling (cellars, basements, balconies, attics, loggias, verandas),

  • We do not count the common parts, corridors, lobby as in China. The price per square meter is the price of the actual living area of the dwelling.

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