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Industry Practices

We focus on what we do best! To meet our client needs with precision, our consultants work in global practices defined by industries and organizational functions in which they have significant experience. We stay on the leading edge of what matters most in your world and maintain close personal connections with the best talent in your field.

Manufacturing & Industrial, Deep- tech, Innovation, Automation

Life Sciences

FMCG, Food & beverage, Cosmetics, Agriculture

Digital marketing, ecommerce

BtoB Services, Consulting

Manufacturing & Industrial

Acropolis Associates Executive Search recruits Managers, Directors, and corporations’ leaders for its clients. We are also recruiting non-managerial profiles when it comes to recruiting rare and difficult to identify technical profiles, such as R & D or robotics or AI and Deep-Tech experts.
Our Manufacturing & Industrial consultants covers several industries including:

  • Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, Electronic devices, Energy (Oil & Gas, Solar, Wind), Food & Beverage, IoT, Medical devices, Non-Destructive testing, Plastics, Robotics, TMT.

  • Deep-Tech: AI, Advanced materials, Biotech, Block chain, Digital, Drones, Electronics, Photonics, Quantum computing.

Life Sciences

Since the origin of our activity in executive search, the life sciences have always represented one of the industries where we have been most solicited by our clients.
Recruiting for the life sciences requires being even more demanding and involved. The current investments there are enormous and a failed recruitment is unacceptable.
Agriculture, Agro-food, Biotechnologies, Beauty & cosmetics, CRO, Diagnosis, DNA & genomics, eMedicine, Food security & traceability, Human Food Security & Traceability, Infant nutrition, Medical devices, Medical equipment, Medical imaging, Pharmaceutical, Precision medicine, Veterinary & Animal Health (animal food & animal nutrition).


Regulatory Affairs Manager & Directors | Head of regulatory Affairs | Regulatory Affairs Manager specialized in immunological products | Regulatory Affairs Manager in charge of New Registrations and Life Cycle Management | Government Affairs Managers & Directors | CEO China | Monoclonal Antibody Business Unit Director | Business Unit Manager anti-oncology Products | Senior and Junior Product Managers | Medical Coordinator | Asia Sales Manager | APAC Sales Director | Asia Product Manager | Group Product Manager | Key Account Manager | Distributors Relation Manager | Senior Business Unit Manager Medical devices-Diagnostic | Sales Manager Direct Sales | Sales Manager in charge of distributors | Medical Affairs

Manager in charge of distributors | Medical Affairs Manager in charge of KOL | General Manager Sales | Coordination Manager for Technology Transfer between Europe & China | SAP Manager | R&D Manager | R&D Director | South-East Asia Sales Manager | Asia Swine Marketing Manager | Marketing Director Veterinary Products | Food Producing Animal Sales & Technical Manager | Head of Asia Healthcare R&D department | Senior Scientist Asia Healthcare R&D | Pet Care & Pet Food Product Development Project Manager | Manufacturing Project Manager | Senior Scientist Nutritionist Swine | Senior Scientist Nutritionist Poultry | QA Manager | QC Manager | Engineering Manager | Maintenance Manager | Production Manager | General Manager | Country Manager China-Pharma | General Manager China-Medical Equipment | Production, Finance, HR & Administration Managers …


  • CEO, GM, MD.

  • VP Manufacturing / Plant General Manager.

  • VP Marketing.

  • VP Sales.

  • Head of R&D.

  • Head of Innovation.

  • Regulatory Affairs Director, Regulatory Affairs Manager.

  • Government and Public Affairs Director.

  • Product Director.

  • Product Manager, bacteriology, anti-oncology, vaccine, junior & senior levels.

  • Clinical Affairs Manager, Pre-Clinical Manager.

  • KOL Relation Manager.

  • Quality Assurance Director, Quality Assurance Manager.

  • Quality Control Director, Quality Control Manager.

  • Sales Director, Sales Manager.

  • Marketing Director, Marketing Manager.


  • Prescription Drug Products.

  • Excipient & auxiliary materials.

  • Sterilization and Disinfecting Products.

  • Medicinal Materials.

  • Packaging materials and containers.

  • APIs.

  • Reagents.

  • Biological products & vaccines.


  • Class I Medical devices.

  • Class II Medical devices.

  • Class III Medical devices.

  • Combination Medical Device/Drug.


  • Cosmetics.

  • Non-prescription, OTC Products.

  • Healthcare, Hair treatment.

  • Vitamins & Health Food Supplements.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM).

FMCG, Food & beverage, Cosmetics, Agriculture

Working predominately in FMCG, Food, Retail or cosmetics, our current client list is as diverse as the roles we work on, covering Commercial, Marketing, Production, R&D, Technical and General Management to Director & Managing Director or Asia Pacific VP.

Digital marketing, eCommerce

Recruitment for Digital marketing and eCommerce positions is now of crucial importance for almost all of our clients, whatever the industry, whatever the region of the world, in BtoC but also in BtoB.
We are seeing a very high demand for both management and middle management positions. One of the difficulties in recruiting for these Middle Management positions is that these executives must be fluent in English to communicate internally with the managers of foreign companies established in countries such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, while their expertise is based among other things on their technical and marketing capacity in the native language of the country.

BtoB Services, Consulting.

Consulting and Services are extremely in high demand and fast growing in China and Asia.
We recruit for talents with expertise in Services to industries like Engineering, Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Plastic, Chemical, Maintenance, Electronic devices, Fashion, Garments, Textile, Food, Life Sciences, Retail, FMCG, Food & beverage, Retail, Luxury, Cosmetics, Agriculture, Digital marketing, IT, Technology & Telecom.

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