The bridge between China, Africa, Middle East, and Europe

Acropolis Business Club

Acropolis Business Club aims to facilitate links between entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, and experts.

The objective of the club is to create a dynamic to inform each other about potential opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, investment projects or to seek industrial, commercial, or financial partners in the specific markets that interest you.

Information is power! Being informed before others offers a major strategic advantage.

Our goal and our ambition are to connect the right partners, both investors and strategic partners.

All sectors are considered, from the most innovative and disruptive such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, telecoms, health, FinTech, but also the most traditional such as real estate, tourism, hospitality , agriculture or mining.

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The Bridge to Africa

We have the experience building successful relations with Africa, we have the network and the expertise working with Chinese enterprises.

Acropolis offers a bridge to Chinese and international companies willing to invest and develop business with Africa. Acropolis brings opportunities to connect directly thanks to its very exclusive international network. Great Wall investment is the exclusive tool for those willing to get business in Africa.