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Corporate Finance

Disposals, Mergers & Acquisitions, Conventional fundraising, including venture capital & growth equity

Our positioning in 4 specific points:

We are active in the Mid-Caps sergment

We intervene in Sell-side and in Buy-side

Most of our projects are “Europe -China” related

Disposals, Mergers & Acquisitions, Conventional fundraising, including venture capital & growth equity

Having the right partner by your side makes all the difference. Acropolis Associates’ China & Asia market knowledges benefits to our clients. Investing in China or in Asia is complex. Our job is to make it safe and efficient. Acropolis Associates and its partners provides comprehensive transaction management from the identification of targets, conducting due diligence, deal structuring and negotiation support. Whether you are a SME with ambition or a MNC on the move, our Corporate Finance practice can help your company grow. We are proud to be able to manage both small entrepreneurial projects and help large companies manage their expansion.


Whether you plan to sell all or part of your business, Acropolis Associates can bring significant industry knowledge and local market experience from around the globe to your transaction.
2022 Disposal deal in progress: European engineering company founders want to retire. This is a classic case of a company in Europe whose founders have no potential successors in their family.


With an in-depth understanding of the marketplace, Acropolis Associates founders, its Consultants and partners helps corporate, entrepreneurial, and private equity clients confidently pursue strategic M&A transactions.

  • 2022 M&A deal in progress: large private Chinese company, merger with a European financial partner. Equivalent to €100 million in equity.

Conventional fundraising, including venture capital & growth equity

  • 2022 Venture Capital deal in progress: implementation of a maintenance-related blockchain. $40 Million

  • 2022 Growth Equity deal in progress: production of proteins for animal feed from insects. €40 Million for the creation of production sites.

The value of a service company is only as good as the personality, expertise and quality of its managers and consultants.

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2022 / 2023: Challenges and solutions keep evolving: What is next?

The M&A market is hot, with current M&A trends indicating an upcoming run. But that doesn’t mean next year will come without challenges.
We are not in a "post"-COVID world yet, and the world is coming to terms with the fact that this new reality has impacted much of how business is conducted and has created challenges to which dealmakers have learned to adapt. The more challenging the environment becomes, the more vital M&A will be.

M&A market

Corporate finance trends in 2022 look promising. 2021 has been a historic year for M&As. And if trends are any indication, the market will continue to grow.

Technology, Deep-Tech

Quantum Computing: A new standard of processing capability can advance artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities. This excessive computing power allows companies to solve problems that have rarely been solved before.

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