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Support Chinese companies and private investors’ development in Europe

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Immigration, Education of children

We advise Chinese companies wishing to establish themselves in Europe. We guide the Chinese leaders who develop these
companies in Europe to facilitate their immigration as well as the schooling of their children in Europe.
Chinese investments in Europe relate to projects promoted by the Chinese government such as the “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Ambition 2025”.

Education, study abroad, study in Europe

Acropolis is the representative of foreign business schools and international universities in China.

  • Ms. Suzy Ma, co-founder of Acropolis Associates China is responsible for the education business unit of Acropolis.

  • She is responsible for collaboration between Chinese educational institutions and European official institutions, aiming to establish partnerships, joint programs and student exchanges.

  • Mrs. Suzy MA has been advising Chinese students and their families for more than 20 years on choosing their studies in foreign schools in China or choosing a school in Europe.


As a veteran in the human resources and education industries, Mrs. Ma Yuzhi has been actively involved in the establishment of French business schools in China. Since 2000, Suzy served as the project director of EM Lyon in China, responsible for the overall set up and promotion of the alumni club (EM Lyon China Club).

AE Grenoble

Mrs. Ma Yuzhi is the representative for China of IAE Grenoble.
The IAE Grenoble, the School of Business Administration which is part of the UGA (Grenoble-Alpes University) maintains long-lasting and close contacts with Chinese companies to ensure the professional level of business management projects.
At the same time, benefiting from the rigor of French national education, the IAE Grenoble has an excellent academic level, and teachers who are all professional elites in their respective fields who hold a doctorate.
Additionally, IAE Grenoble offers the latest business case seminars using external professionals in the workplace. IAE and Shanghai University have built a partnership for over 25 years.

IAE Grenoble is a member of the French public university business management school alliance (30 business management schools provide more than 400 management degrees and enroll about 30,000 students). The alliance promotes the exchange of ideas, through continuous benchmarking, to inspire and improve the curriculum of various colleges.


Information on Immigration to Europe, visas and work permits, obtaining residence permits in Europe are on this page:

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