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Financial Advisory Accounting & Incorporation


For your start-up or the expansion of your business in China and Asia,

Our Senior Consultants who manage this activity will be at your disposal, and you will benefit from their expertise acquired during more than 20 years of presence in China and Asia.

Here is the list of our most frequent services:

Tax & Legal Advisory

Tax & Legal AdvisorA lot of false information suggests that tax optimization is easy in China. The lack of control is an illusion, as are the bad habits adopted by certain leaders. We propose :

  • Tax strategies optimized for your business.

  • To optimize the individual package of your expatriate employees.

  • To declare your taxes and duties (Business tax, VAT, IS, etc.).

  • Finally, we also prepare the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.

Crisis management

We help you straighten out your structure by developing a strategy based on:

  • The rapid recovery of debts.

  • Savings in operating costs.

  • A restructuring of all or part of your activities.

  • An improvement of your information systems.

  • A reorganization of your teams.

Company Registration

Acropolis Group’ Company registration service is focusing in China mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines

Multiple types of structures exist in each of the countries where we operate. The choice of country, or within a Free-Trade Zone or the choice of the most suitable type of structure requires practice and detailed knowledge of the accounting and tax implications, including those related to the country of origin.

The decision to locate the Asian headquarters requires knowing the advantages and constraints of each country: Shanghai, Hong Kong or Singapore is one of the recurring questions that our customers ask themselves.

Tax & Legal Accountancy,
Part-time financial management

Acropolis Associates’ Tax and Accountancy delivers cost-effective services in individual tax planning, corporate tax planning, and payroll outsourcing.

We obviously provide monthly bilingual financial reporting to enhance communication with our clients headquarter or offshore financial departments.


For more flexibility in case of specific need, you can book our Part-time financial management services by the day.

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